What is UX Design?

UX Design is a human- centered design process in which the designer keeps the users at the center and designs accordingly for them.

This term was first coined by Don Norman in 1995. In user experience design, we as a designer build a product/ service whether tangible or digital that has a seamless and effortless experience. It’s basically about designing an experience that is an easy- to -use one. The user always must be at the priority because it is the user for whom the product/ service is getting designed.

It involves a lot of involvement with the user group to understand them better where the UX Designers conduct surveys and are empathetic with the user while they are using the product. Well it’s not just the case to build a good experience of the product only when it is in use but also when the product is delivered to the user i.e., to give them a great unboxing experience or to provide a great product disposing experience.

Since, a UX Designer requires to work on various parameters, the skill sets required to be the one are also vast; such as


Good Listening skills;

Being Vocal;

Software Skills;





UX Writing;

Visual Communication

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